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Italian duo S!LK and AleXs become part of DJ Sneak’s Magnetic Recordings family with their latest release ‘Way To the Light’, featuring the vocals of Rob Fame. The three tracks (plus instrumental version of This Way) are deep, bass heavy cuts primed to shake dance floors to their foundations. Lead track ‘This Way’ utilises funky, filtered licks, while ‘Right Now’ and ‘Became’ go darker with throbbing, jacking grooves complemented by techy percussion. Rob Fame’s vocals add an additional layer to all tracks, wrapping around the breakdowns and setting up the main grooves to deliver full impact.

Italian but raised between United States and South America S!LK started his house music career as a producer in 2012, with his ‘Warning EP’ on one of the most exiting deep house labels, Plastic City. With further releases on Seamless and Elite, as well as upcoming projects for Luna Records UK, Moodmusic and a vinyl-only project for Seemless Deep, 2013 is starting with a bang.

S!LK can’t be pigeon-holed in any particular genre of house music, but his style is guided by deep and old school influences. Everything he makes in his studio is “from scratch” and there is never a ready-made sample in sight. While DJing, S!LK’s style is more powerful, techy and groovy, while retaining the deep and soulful attitude.


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